My Last CD player, need ideas

In the market for what will probably be my last CD player.

Music servers have come a long way in the last 5 years and I can see going that route in the next few years. My ongoing experiences with ripping music to Itunes for portable use though have made it clear that I do not have the time or patience at the moment to rip my entire cd collection. Over 2000 cds with lots of esoteric discs that do not come up with track names let alone artwork.

Currently I am using a modwright solid state modded Oppo 83-SE universal player with XLR balanced outs to an aesthetix calypso pre amp to Simaudio W-6 monos to Totem Wind speakers.

Overall I have been very happy with the OPPO and its ESS DAC for Cd, SACD, and DVDs but recently have been annoyed by the fan noise when listening to music during quiet portions and I have found I miss upsampling on quite a few of my cds.

So I'm looking for ideas for a last CD player as I have not kept up with what's available. For general system matching with my tubed pre amp I do not need an overtly warm player but would like to have a touch more PRaT than I currently get with my OPPO.

Price: Under $3000 Prefer under $2000

Needed features: True Balanced outputs; digital inputs (Coax and optical); CD upsampling

Desired features: HDCD; CD-text; MP filter; USB input

What players should I be looking at?

You probably don't want to hear this but I see two things going on here.

1) It's inevitable that you will have a server based system at some point.

2) In your price range, you can get better sound for less money with a server/DAC over a cdp.

That said, if you use DB Poweramp to rip your seedees, you will find tags for just about all of them. And it takes less than five minutes per disc. I'ts not as painful as it seems if you do it as time permits.

My suggestion is for a SB Touch and DAC of your choice. I replaced my TRL modded Sony player and have not looked back. Better sound, more convenient.
There aren't many truly differential balanced CD players, but Audio Research makes them. The CD-3 or CD-3SE come to mind, both of which are in your price range if purchased used, but aside from digital outputs, they lack the other features you seek.

One important feature that they do have is the Phillips Pro transport - if you want a CD player that's going to last, something with the Phillips Pro or Esoteric (very expensive) transport is what you should look for.
Thanks guys. North Star was not on my radar.

It may be inevitable but it also may be a few years.
I use EAC to rip discs at about 5 min each but that comes out to 7 days of 24hr a day ripping. I could do it in parts but still a major effort. As far as tags go EAC uses and it does get most but about 25% fails for me with hand typing of tracks and images are about 50 / 50, not really seeing that I want to go back and do that later.

I had been thinking about going with a Dac and a server that I slowly load to then use the OPPO as a trasport. I agree that is probably better bang for the buck, but as I want a quiet transport and players with digital inputs are common thought that may make more sense.
Cambridge Audio 840c.
Balanced outs.
2x toslink / 2x coax inputs.
coax/toslink outputs.........

I don't know, offhand, who vends their transport.