My Luxman Integrated has AC Inlet Envy

I love my Luxman 507ux, it does so many things right, so soon after I got it I built a shielded power cable as an upgrade to the relatively plain cable that came with it.

To make a long story short, after trying out a number of different cables and female IEC plugs it seems the AC inlet has prongs which seem too short. For sure, the Luxman has no ground pin. I'm sure that this means it's not required, so that’s not an issue. What is an issue is that even a Wattgate plug, which are famous for a tight grip, can’t stay in. Even a little wiggle can disconnect the amp.

It seems either or all of these are true:

  • The missing ground pin is keeping plugs from feeling very grippy
  • The pins are too short
  • The pins are too thin

If I play with a cheap power cord, it seems like the AC doesn’t connect unti lthe very last 2 mm of travel of the plug. This seems wrong.

I bought a cheap replacement inlet and it just feels so much better. Meaning, I can feel the plug grip the pins much earlier, and they all grip much better.

Anyone else have issues with Luxman inlets??


PS - I absolutely insist on building my own power cables. This is my hobby not yours so please stop trying to convince me my problem is that I didn’t buy your boutique brand.



@cleeds Wrote:

Mods such as that on gear such as Luxman tends to hurt resale value, even when it's pitched as an "improvement."

I agree!


I'm not sure what a screw type connector is.  I think I'm going to go with a very discrete replacement.  Either the $2 Mouser or a $20 Furutech which looks identical from the outside. :)

fo.q ta 32 tape, it's 0.3mm thick has anti static properties too, a bit like furutech ncf. Dampens vibrations too, also comes in ta102 which is 1mm thick.


highly reccomended can be bought on eBay from Japanese sellers very reasonably.  

Eric, re-read my post.  You're not the only one to notice this.  Your bigger problem is the poorly designed Wattgate.  If you are afraid to change the IEC on the amp(which may NOT fix the problem) , just try a better plug such as the one I listed.