My most memorable ROCK moment

Seeing Robin Trower around 96'? Right after "Passion" came out. I went to Winston-Salem NC. I was less than 10' from the master.

There HE was, sitting down, making love to his guitar.

Passion? Yes, I see it now 20 years later. His LOVE for music, my love of his music!

I don't remember him ever looking up. No problem, my love for his passion/music will always keep me looking forward!
The Rolling Stones, "Some Girls" tour live in Minneapolis. Peter Tosh was the opening act. 1975 I think. We had great seats because my friends uncle was a big shot DJ in the Twin Cites back then. About 20 feet from stage.
2nd would be Led Zeppelin, again in the twin Cites during the Physical Graffiti tour. I think that was 1975 too. good year for concerts. Again, I was dead center, maybe 30 rows back. Boy, John Bonham could hit those skins.
Dick Dale wailing on his guitar 4 feet in front of me in a small venue a few years back and then staying after the shoe to chat for 20 minutes with those who stuck around.

Almost getting trampled outside a Rolling Stones concert in Philly in 1978 (SOme Girls) when people started throwing things at police vehicles doing crowd control for the 100,000+ open seating event.

First Moody Blues concert years ago. That was heaven!

The Church, Savoy Brown, Porcupine Tree and others I have seen in excellent sounding smaller local venues in recent years.

Finally seeing a Beatle live just a few years back, Paul McCartney at Fed Ex Field, with seats dead center one section back right in the SWEET SPOT.

Too many other Yes and Moodies concerts over the years to list out. Always fantastic.

Genesis years ago was really good also but Gabriel and Hackett were already gone by then ("Duke" tour).

Seeing "The Musical Box" perform the entire Genesis "Foxtrot" album live a couple years back was a nice substitute!
My wife and kids went to see Neil Young unplugged.
We were dead center and maybe 5 rows back from the stage.

Neil asked the audience what they would like to hear.
My wife shouted out "A Horse With No Name".
Neil Looked at her and said nothing, you could hear a pin drop in that place.
My wife said,"what's the matter". I said Neil did not do that song it was by America.
She said oh, I thought he did that one. Still everyone could here us.
Ole' Neil looked like perhaps he would do that song anyway but, he grabbed another guitar and played another Neil tune.

I bet if I could corner Neil he might remember it.
I know I will.