My most memorable ROCK moment

Seeing Robin Trower around 96'? Right after "Passion" came out. I went to Winston-Salem NC. I was less than 10' from the master.

There HE was, sitting down, making love to his guitar.

Passion? Yes, I see it now 20 years later. His LOVE for music, my love of his music!

I don't remember him ever looking up. No problem, my love for his passion/music will always keep me looking forward!
Jimi Hendrix concert at Merriweather Post in MD, he played during a driving rainstorm. At one point his guitar picked up a local station playing Purple Haze and he held the guitar up to the mic so everyone could hear it.
Cheers to your health. Some of you guys were at a Hendrix concert the year I was born and I'm 46 now.
Seeing Linda Ronstadt open at the greek theater. Her back up band were a bunch of guys she was living with in a house right down the road. That back up band went on to be The Eagles.

Saw U2 at The Country Club in Reseda which held only 300 people on their first U.S. tour.

Saw Gentle Giant at The Whiskey in Hollwood and sat on the floor literaly in front of the acoustic stand up bass. It was like being in their living room. Octopus had just been released.
Further to comments about seeing great bands when they were somewhat unknown, I saw The Talking Heads at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston when their only well-known song was Psycho Killer (ca. 1976); the opening act was a band from Athens, GA called the B-52s. Great show. I also saw U2 at a rock club that seated about 400 just when they started getting alternative radio station airplay in the US and they were terrific as well.