My most memorable ROCK moment

Seeing Robin Trower around 96'? Right after "Passion" came out. I went to Winston-Salem NC. I was less than 10' from the master.

There HE was, sitting down, making love to his guitar.

Passion? Yes, I see it now 20 years later. His LOVE for music, my love of his music!

I don't remember him ever looking up. No problem, my love for his passion/music will always keep me looking forward!
New Year's Eve, 1999>2000. Phish held a festival for 80,000 on a Seminole reservation in the Everglades. The band played Auld Lang Syne at midnight, and kept going until the sun came up at 7:15. No breaks.

I was never the same.
The Soft White Underbelly. Small clubs in the late 70's, early 80's. The Bloom boys never sounded so good.
Most recent was LOW shows in Duluth. 7 Thursdays in a row, the last one Feb 27. All at Fitgers brewhouse, A small brewpub. In the course of 7 weeks they played every song in their catalog of 20 years. A Duluth band that gave the hometown folks a treat.