My Music Hall CD 25 just died


1) Will it be worth the $ to repair or should I buy a new cd player?

2) If I want to spend approx $500, what cd player do you recommend

3) Should I not buy a cd player and go with some other technology?

Thanks in advance,
Teac PD-H600. I had the Music Hall and the Teac was a very nice improvement.
Frankly, I'd make the move to computer audio. Lots of options, but I chose a Mac Mini, running Pure Music. Into a good DAC- of which there are many affordable examples available- it beats the sound of all my CD players. And I've had too many to list, from Sony SACD 1, to Electrocompanient, to Ayre, to Resolution Audio, and on and on.

You'll get lots of opinions of course, but I made the move and have been extremely happy.
This may be a lay-up for you ... Marantz cd6004 . It is well reviewed, made in Japan, and just reduced to $400 from its $500 list.

Used Rega Apollo R, the shoebox one. Very overlooked piece. Very good player, astonishingly good transport.

The Mac Mini is a good suggestion, however..... you will then need pieces to run it properly. Ipad or something to run it like a wireless keyboard and monitor, external HD for backup. If it's a wireless keyboard then a wireless mouse. It does go on.