My Music Hall CD 25 just died


1) Will it be worth the $ to repair or should I buy a new cd player?

2) If I want to spend approx $500, what cd player do you recommend

3) Should I not buy a cd player and go with some other technology?

Thanks in advance,
What are the symptoms of not working. Is it not reading a disc and not powering up, or? Its a possibility that it can be an easy cheap fix but most likely its the laser. I am not to familiar with PC based audio so I will leave that up to another.
In answer to your questions:
(1) Definitely do NOT repair it.
(2) Buy something used (but not too old) on Audiogon.
(3) Buy a universal player for CD, SACD and DVD-Audio.
Enjoy the current formats until something better comes along, and it could be awhile.
"Just died". Can you be more specific? Dead, as in no power, no display, no drawer, nothing? If so, it's the power supply, and any competent technician should be able to repair the switch mode supply used in this type of device for $30 or so (time included). Seems sad to toss a piece of gear because of a 30 cent capacitor.
As for the Mac can run it headless quite easily (no monitor), and there are free apps available for both Apple and Android phones/devices that will manage the music playback. If you cant afford Pure Music(which runs Mac only), there are others free or nearly free that do a great job as well.

I wont go into a long list of DACS here, but there are many stand alone DACS under $500 that beat the pants off most CD players when fed uncompressed files from a Mac Mini or a PC.

I urge you to strongly consider a move to computer delivers great digital fidelity, return on investment, and ease of use.
Thanks for the responses so far.

Died: It powers up but it won't read the disc. Minimal interest in rolling the dice on repair, but I might try the scruffy fix-it shop that's nearby.

I've been wanting to plug an Ipod into my system for years. So I'm thinking about getting the Marantz cd6004. It has a USB port up front.

Also, I occasionally find my wife listening to Pandora using her Macbook and pukey Logitech speakers in the same room with our Gradient/Musical Fidelity system. With the Marantz- I can get ipad mini/ipod touch with Pandora app and plug it in for her enjoyment and my relief.

And the Ipad/Ipod route appeals to me because my system is stuffed tight into a cabinet. It won't fit a standard sized component to access interent radio.

Thanks again.