My new Borresen X3's

These speakers are an absolute gamechanger....




Yes people like finishes on their speakers. I wish there would be more focus on what goes on inside the speakers but that's a mystery area. All those crossovers and electronica stuff going on back there, no one knows what goes on.  That's really important stuff.  Out of sight out of mind.  

@emergingsoul people from Borresen has said a lot about the components they use. You can find interviews with them on YouTube. Maybe people on Agon is more focused on resale value than sound or internal components. 

I have only heard the O5 model but that was goid. Also out of my budget even for a used pair.

I’ve been looking at X3 reviews on YT which of course are great and listening to them insofar as you can in these videos. The one thing that strikes me, in the Borresen ones, why do they insist on using unfamiliar, highly processed synth music- makes it even more impossible to gauge the sound. Who knows what this music should sound like.

That said, I would still like to hear them in person, and will this Fall. I’m moving and would like to update my speakers- B&W 801 S2 Mk III that I bought new 25 yrs ago. Powered by McIntosh and Krell.

I know its diminishing returns, but aesthetics and engineering aside, can I really much of an improvement in dynamics, clarity and sound stage?

As example, I just bought a new DAC. It definitively sounds different, but I can’t say its better that the old one.


I’m not a borresen owner or dealer, but I’ve heard the X3 speakers a couple times, and I was absolutely blown away by them each time.  And that’s saying a lot for me, an old audiophile who’s heard more than his share of great speakers over the years. I must say---I agree wholeheartedly!!!  Over the last few years, Borresen has been just knocking the ball out of the park all over the place, especially with their simply amazingly affordable and super high value X3 speakers. So much so, to my ears, the combo of the X3 speakers, even driven by one of their entry level, all-in-one integrated amps, sounds so incredibly compelling, they could very well and quite easily be quite enough for a many a discriminating audiophiles.  Just one mans opinion.  Yes, I was extremely impressed.  Happy listening.

So the answer for me is always buying the obsolete series just expired and wait to upgrade the release then you can consider buying the next obsolete version staying one gen behind. An upgrade route for 40-60% less than the MSRP…