My new favorite instrumental guitar album....

has NO guitars on it. Seriously, though, anybody into jazz/rock fusion with great 'guitar' playing should check out Brian Bromberg's "Metal" CD. All done with different bass guitars, some tuned to the register of a guitar. It's not just a trick; when he plays the 'guitar' parts his phrasing is like a guitar players, when he plays the bass parts, he phrases like a bassist. To me his lead style sounds like a cross between Satriani and Greg Howe.
Recording quality is OK, not audiophile quality but better than a lot of rock CD's. Musically, all the tunes are very accessible. I know there are a few guitar fans here on Audiogon, if you haven't checked it out yet I think it's worthwhile.
Thanks for the tip. You can't own too much music. If you like a Spanish flare, fast fingers on nylon strings try Eric Fernandez's Magic Gipsy .
Check out Bromberg's "You know that feeling" too - also superb.
I saw him on a jazz cruise out of NYC, and he's great live too.