My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN amps with BHK300’s

I am normally best suited to be behind the camera, but The Absolute Sound convinced me I should try my hand at reviewing. In listening to AGD’s Audion GAN amps I compared them with my BHK300’s. This was done direct from the my Dac - PS Audio DS MKII with APS transformers, to eliminate any preamp interactions.


Nice objective review and better than typical TAS reviews because you deftly compare two excellent amps and articulately explain critical differences, which really provides a useful relative perspective on each amp rather than just extolling the virtues of one amp in a vacuum.  The result, and which I am sadly and very rarely able to say about any other TAS review, is that I came away with a good understanding of what each amp actually sounds like and which one I’d like to explore further.  Maybe someday TAS will grow a pair and produce more useful reviews like this, but I’m not holding my breath.  Nice job.

What I have found with the Audions is that their sound can be modified quite starkly by various power cables and interconnects - moreso than any other component I have encountered.