My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN amps with BHK300’s

I am normally best suited to be behind the camera, but The Absolute Sound convinced me I should try my hand at reviewing. In listening to AGD’s Audion GAN amps I compared them with my BHK300’s. This was done direct from the my Dac - PS Audio DS MKII with APS transformers, to eliminate any preamp interactions.


What I have found with the Audions is that their sound can be modified quite starkly by various power cables and interconnects - moreso than any other component I have encountered.

So much WRONG here!

Comparing a Class D to an analog discrete amp, for one! Class D has far fewer parts and switching style supply.

And that load of crap about “unobtainium” audio GaN MOSFETS!!!  Gees Louis!!! Switching MOSFETS have been used in high dollar audio amps for DECADES!! GaN MOSFETS are still MOSFETS!! Most are very linear but the GaN have efficient on/off states. GaN have efficiencies for switching use at ULTRA-AUDIO FREQUENCIES, hence THE CLASS D amplifier!!! DUH!!!  

So this is supposedly an “AUDIO GaN MOSFET”…….. used as a switching device in a CLASS D audio amp!!! You HAVE GOT to be kidding me!!!! The GaN devices aren’t even used in AUDIO FREQUENCIES!! In a Class D amp, they are used as very high frequency switching devices, and NEVER SEE any frequencies between 20-20kHz!!!  

And then, the CUTE little mounting of the switching circuit inside a glass envelope!!! Oh for Pete’s sake!!! REALLY????!!

Sorry!!! But this review is loaded with disinformation and downright misleading claims by the manufacturer, glossed over and passed on to gullible consumers!!