My New Year’s Wish for my fellow audiophiles.

May your 2024 be blessed and filled with joy and good health for you and your family. For all of you who work too hard, too many hours, please take more time this year listening to your music, your sound system. For those who listen to your system all the time and are borderline obsessed, my hope is that you can find other things to do. Go hiking, go out with your partner for dinner, find other hobbies and interests outside of the audio world. Put the audio fool in you- away for a time, enjoy the other seasons of life. Find the balance and come back to your audio anew and with fresh perspective.

Just a thought and Happy New Year.


NYE spouse 'n I went 'downtown, where all the lights are bright'; esp. on the jacked p/u with illum'ed deep mags in their 'wells, a 'bright thing' to do to the new ride...

...and you think y'all spend too much on audio....*dismissive wave* Nuuu....

Local Symph did a concert of Blues' and Motown, just for fun....their Alt Program is a nice break for the players that grew up in that milleu....(the 2nd violin was 'into it' in an obvious way...good for her.... ;)...

Foot cruised to a local bar&grill to await The Magic Moment....listening to a lot of this....'23 in retro....😈

I'm ready for '24......πŸ˜πŸ‘

When you said to "find the balance," I immediately remembered that I hadn't yet tried the XLR out on my DAC to my new pre.Β 

Thank you for this timely nudge!!! 😜

all the best to everyone.

I;m going to try and remember to make happiness all year, much is up to us.