My Oppo 105 finally bricked. Streamer suggestions?

Hey all,

Well, my vaunted 105 now won’t connect to Tidal through the app no matter what troubleshooting I do, and since my listening is 40% vinyl, 50% streaming, and 10% cd, I’m losing out on a lot of music. I’d like to keep the Oppo as a the occasional transport but need something to stream Tidal.

I can still connect via HDMI to to the Oppo from my phone or laptop, but the sound is terrible. 

My digital system:

Ragnarok 2 integrated

Denafrips Ares 2 DAC/Schiit Gungnir (currently comparing them side-by-side)

Reference 3A de Capos

Oppo 105 (still can be used as a transport and blu-ray)


Suggestions for a streamer that would work well with the Denafrips? Budget under $1K.

Thank you,





Are you planning to move away from the Oppo for use with Tidal completely? Do you have an IPad? I know the Tidal situation is bunk now as far as the Oppo is concerned but I’m wondering if you’ve tried setting up an IPad or phone with a media center app and pushing the content to the Oppo- using it as a renderer?

Look at a Magna Mano Ultra MK3. I have one (using Volumio) and LOVE it. I think that it can be had for right around 1k. 

I use a Cambridge audio 851n as a streamer right now, and I use a bryston bda1 as a dac. I like the Cambridge but not the bryston. The Cambridge is soft and smooth and easy listening… compared to a bryston streamer I also have but don’t use because it’s very harsh and hard, grainy and brittle.

id like something inbetween and decided to try a Holo Red.

I figure at $800 it can’t suck too badly.

@mahler123 @tony1954 @theo Good advice and suggestions from all. I was just about to pull the trigger last night on a wonderful used deal on a Cambridge CXN on the other site when I get this reply form Oppo: 

"We've had similar reports regarding TIDAL.  Since there haven't been any recent changes to the app, our guess is the change came from TIDAL's end.  Unfortunately, given that OPPO Digital is no more, we do not expect a fix to become available.  You can try using a third-party app called mConnect for TIDAL instead."

So I install mconnect lite and it now works as an interface with the Oppo. Does that make the Oppo into a renderer? And does that affect the sound at all compared with going direct to Tidal through the Oppo?