My PerfectWave dac is working!

My PWD is NOT working!!!

I tried connecting the dac, with a cd transport connected via coaxial, to my preamp via balanced and rca cables. No sound.

I was thinking the problem was with the preamp. So, I connected the PWD directly to my monoblocks. No sound either via rca or xlr!


The unit is on, and appears to be fully operable. Is this an audio gremlin, or are there problems with these pwd’s that I’m not aware of.

I purchased this unit brand new and have used it sparingly because I use vinyl a lot.

I’ve run out of solutions. Can anyone help?


You have narrowed the problem down to the amplification, so if I was you I would forget trying to tweak the DAC.  So lets talk about the amps

   Do you still have the previous integrated amp that you used?  If so try connecting the pre amp of the integrated to the power amps.  If everything works then the problem is the new pre amp.

   If that doesnt solve it connect the new pre amp to the power amp section of the integrated ..If you get sound then the problem is in your power amps.


   If you no longer have the integrated, perhaps look to buy an old integrated or AVR from a charity shop or ebay.  It could be old as long as it works.  Then use that for your testing

I still have 2 tube integrated’s. I’ll try the one I just purchased brand new last year. Thank you!

I have a lot of equipment that I purchased from PS

A and always had fantastic CS. Even on a DAC that I was not the original owner and out of warranty 



Wait you have other amplification in the house and haven't tried the DAC with it? Get on that Coltrane1!