My recommended QoBuz playlist is Hi-Fi Audio Partners

My recommended QoBuz playlist so please search on Hi-Fi Audio Partners (look for the Infigo Audio tab).  These are the Infigo Audio company’s tracks they use at the various audio shows. Infigo Audio will be curating this list by adding and deleting tracks over time so it might change gradually.  

These tracks are fun to listen to.   Great music and, yes, I made it a Qobuz favorite. 

For more information on Infigo Audio, please see this link:

Infigo Audio Company Link:


I was able to find this only as "Infigo AudioHigh end playlist."  Nothing came up under "Hi-fi Audio Partners."

Looks like there might be some good material on the playlist, although half of it is only "CD" quality.  With my Node and Ares II DAC I can hear the improved audio quality of higher-res files on Qobuz, compared to CD files, although some CD files have surprised me with their sound quality, like some (classical-music) recordings on the BIS label.

It’s pretty cool that people can all listen to the exact same source material using a playlist like that on Qobuz. We need some “stream and review” threads where forum user’s each do their review of what they hear on their setup streaming the same thing. How fun would that be? I’ll try to give this playlist a listen this weekend maybe.

Mojo 2 is another Qobuz playlist worth a listen on your cool hifi.