The Good & The Great speakers!

Cont’d from my last initial thoughts of these new TSM MMM BME (black magic edition) monitors…..

The TSM have averaged close to 300 hours emerging truthfully and sonically superior. I’ve not heard a more honest speaker such as these. When I listen to the music coming out of these monitors, my only thoughts are of memories, times and places of my life. Its funny how certain moments in life are summed up by various music/songs. That’s what happens when you have a good pair of speakers – you no longer listen to the equipment but drawn by the music. The speakers are so uncolored and true that it allows me to emotionally connect with simply the music and the artist. The new TSM black magic are like a candle in the darkness, it leaves nothing unhidden.

I’ve put this monitor into ring fights against ‘the great’ Sonus Faber Auditor, Devore Fidelity 3XL and Joseph Audio Pulsar. The TSM MMM Black Magic KO’d them all. There are 2 truths at play here: One is that many people do not know what instruments sound like in real life – hence confirming their lack of knowledge to listening since they have been so used to artificial sweeteners (colored sounding speakers) in their daily life. Secondly, most audiophiles will simply abandon and blame the truthfulness of the TSM because it reveals too much of the users faulty upstream components.

Perhaps the TSM black magic edition may still not appease to everyone as their cup of tea…not everyone is a musician who can hear true tones, attacks, decays and pitches of music from live instruments. Otherwise all other speaker manufacturers would have folded years ago. But to those who accept nothing but the truth, I gladly applaud and announce the Merlin TSM MMM Black Magic. It is the good speaker. After so many hours with this pair of TSM, the search is over. Yes Captain Kirk and the crew of the enterprise can come home now and begin a new voyage. The time now is to search out new music, different genres and perhaps make new memories with music as opposed to jumping on Agon or Ebay to rotate audio equipment. Time to get off the merry-go-round folks! And the new TSM is the ticket off that merry-go-round. Time to wake up from the Matrix and realize…the truth.

Please note that in my review of these newly acquired speakers of mine, I don’t talk about what the lows, mids or highs are doing. Why? Because everything the speakers do are musically correct! Who has time to dissect and regurgitate what others have stated already? Not me. Just listen!

Good speakers will leave you hungry for more music because it has subconsciously touched you at an emotional level. That’s what the TSM do! Great speakers (those the TSM KO’d) will grab your attention for a few minutes and then kick you out of the room. Maybe subconsciously making you want to go do something else altogether. Great speakers will fuel that wicked cycle of going through dozens of pairs of speakers and equipment throughout your lifetime here on earth.

Where do I go from here? I’m not sure. I guess I’m done? Like the alcoholic audio trader who’s come out of Agon rehab (from constantly trading audio equipment for years), like the convict exiting the cells from a 20yrs sentence…what to do now??? The TSM MMM BME has been my ticket out from that wicked cycle of audio trading. For those that are willing to listen they are wise. Only the fool, will say otherwise and to them they re-enter that merry-go-round madness still constantly searching….fast asleep within the Matrix.

Sophia Electric 126S, Merlin TSM MMM BME (Black Magic Edition), Grover Huffman ZX, Shunyata, Sound Anchors, Well Tempered Record Player, Nagaoka MP-50, Heed Audio Quasar, ASI resonators & sugar cubes
Mr Vangstr,

Now that you've had the TSM BME for about 10 months, can you offer any insight regarding low volume, late night listening?
rocker9999, the tsm is imo, a great low level performer especially when used in a suitable sized room.
smaller rooms will offer more boundary reinforcement so the bass will sound more muscular and extended. what are you worried about when listening at lower levels.
. what wires, amp and source are you using? maybe i can be of some help. i am sorry but i think vangstr will not respond because of what happened earlier.
RIP - B. No more dealing with silly remarks from anyone whom have made the rude comments above. B - you will always be missed.
Hello. Has anyone compared the differences between the tsm mmm bme and tsm mmm(I guess model just before the bme). What would the differences in both sonics and hardware upgrade. Thinking of getting the tsm mmm if diff is subtle. Top end smoothness and refinement would be priority. Listen to jazz vocals and acoustic instrumental.
I own the TSM mxm (version before the Black Magic and nicer cabinets than the mmm ) and enjoy the same type of music you listen to on them very much.