My sacrilegeous question to audiophiles out there regarding parametric equalizer.

I recently upgraded my stylus to a 2m bronze and am enjoying it thoroughly. My question to the community is how many audiophiles use equalizers or tone controls to enhance the bass and detail? Thinking about getting a parametric equalizer. Any thoughts?

We all use EQs, it's a matter of where we use them and if they are adjustable.

Michael Green

One of the basic elements of music is tonality.  Why audiophiles are so reluctant to directly alter tone is a mystery to me.  I imagine if someone had a perfect room and their loudspeakers perfectly interacted with that perfect room, then perfectly recorded music would never need tonal adjustments in that situation.
@onhwy61 Bingo! 

However it’s not that they are reluctant to alter the tone, it’s that they are reluctant to admit that by constantly box swapping thats exactly what they are doing. Afraid of getting their audiophile card revoked I suppose.  

like almost all things, it is a trade-off. The extra bits in the circuit , gain stages, caps, power supply additional input and output cables, possible impedence mismatch and potential to overload preamp AND altering of phase ( above 100-120 HZ the ear is quite sensitive to phase, below not and the wave is big )... all that is traded to shape frequency response....which depending on the recording may need a tweak EVERY yes many any Audiophile has disdain, even for the high end models ( of which there are not many )

I tell people IF you want a nice starter EQ get a McIntosh Labs preamp with that functionality, it is also defeatable and out of circuit in purist mode. You might find a few of the bands effective with a tweak of just 1-3 db

as for the recording chain, not just at live events, very very very few recordings made w zero EQ......even so called audiophile mixing boards have EQ, but it is well executed and phase shift minimized...

have fun

enjoy the music

argue less

listen more


If anyone wants to try simple, limited EQ, try the Schitt Loki. $150. You might even be able to return it if not satisfied. I'm tempted to get one for my FM tuner. Not because it sounds bad, it's just that I have such crappy sounding FM stations in my area.