my shortlist for integrated Harbethsuper hl5 plus xd - please advise

Hi All,

the four amps below are those within my price range,

seeking recommendations please on final purchase


-yamaha a-s2200 (concerned not powerull enough)

-rega aethos (same power concern and quality control complaints around transformer hum)

-paradigm str integrated

-exposure 3510


Just how loud do you listen to your music?  I am using a pair of tube amps around 40W each and they could easily blow you out of the room with the Harbeths!  Power will not be the problem with any of those amps.  Whether they’re worthy of the speakers is another matter.

those amps were short listed as they are all sold by local dealers and all of them seem to have very good reviews overall

i think the anthem was even listed by stereophile as class a

i guess im open to other solutions in the price range however in my neck of the woods sourcing is often limited

I think you are fortunate if you can audition those amps with your speakers. I have a pair of Harbeth 30.1 speakers. I had used an Exposure 3010 s2D for a number of years. There were times when I got somewhat restless with the amp/speaker combination. There was more of an edge to the music than I wanted. I ended up changing to a Luxman L505-uXII. It was a big improvement in my room, with my gear, to my ears.


I would take your time in making your decision. I have heard that the new Exposure is a meaningful improvement over the 3010 (not sure what that means). I would try to listen to a Luxman if you could. Good luck.....enjoy the hunt.

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