my shortlist for integrated Harbethsuper hl5 plus xd - please advise

Hi All,

the four amps below are those within my price range,

seeking recommendations please on final purchase


-yamaha a-s2200 (concerned not powerull enough)

-rega aethos (same power concern and quality control complaints around transformer hum)

-paradigm str integrated

-exposure 3510


its smaller room but open to rest of house

sometimes i find these choices confusing as the amps i short listed are all highly reviewed and yet we can see all these opinions adamantly against

im certainly prepared to pause the purchase and revisit based on the feedback here

someone also recommended a benchmark ahb2 with asscociated preamp as an alternative to an integrated

at some point i would like to work my way up to a more end game type amp but lacking those funds at the moment,


as an aside, I have a friend with an no brainer end game amp (for me) which is an german beast AVM Ovation A6.2, he will sell to me once I have funds and he will upgrade to their monos

this thing has build quality that to my eye exceeds all the entry level accuphases and luxmans ive seen






@audiocanada    Please don't be overly concerned what grade any publication gives an audio component. If your in Ontario/Toronto area you have access to many brands/demos you need to hear/see for yourself. To answer your question the Rega Aethos would be my choice of the 4 amps mentioned. If concerned about transformer hum find out by contacting a dealer if this claim is valid.

I would not chase products based on magazine reviews. I have done that a time or two and was always underwhelmed. I honestly don't trust politics of professional reviews. I strongly suggest that you audition any thing that you will spend your hard earned cash on if at all possible. Use YOUR ears.

I would also spend time and resources on improving your room. I made DIY sound absorbing panels and that made a bigger impact than any other upgrade I have done.

I had the SHL5+ paired with a Parasound a21+ and they sounded excellent together, the smooth, punchy Parasound sound is a perfect match for the Harbeth. 

The Parasound house sound is represented in their integrated amp, the HINT 6.  At 240 watts / channel at 4 ohms you will not be lacking anything with the 5's.  

Save some money over the other choices and enjoy the sound ! 

I’d bet my last two WE300b’s you’ve gotten your four amp choice reccomendations from 4 different reviewers. You’re going about it in reverse IMHO. Find a reviewer or review site partial to your Harbeths . See what THEY reccomend. I’ve got your Harbeths and the P7es speakers as well as Spendor 1/2’s and B&W 606s’ all available at a cable change away and I listen 90% to the Harbeths. One thing you ARE trying to do that is right IMHO , is you are trying to build around a very very good pair of speakers that deserve the best amplification you can afford. I wouldn’t consider any of those amps. You’ll be listening to 30% of what the Harbeths can give you.