my shortlist for integrated Harbethsuper hl5 plus xd - please advise

Hi All,

the four amps below are those within my price range,

seeking recommendations please on final purchase


-yamaha a-s2200 (concerned not powerull enough)

-rega aethos (same power concern and quality control complaints around transformer hum)

-paradigm str integrated

-exposure 3510


Another vote for the Parasound Hint, it had plenty of power and great sound with Maggie's 1.7. you get everything in one unit and could probably score a lightly used or demo unit. It means toward a tube sound without tubes.

Enjoy auditioning different units.

FYI on the Luxman L509x. It is at the end of its production life and will be replaced with a more costly L509z. You may start seeing more 509x models on the market. I have the current L505uXII. I am very pleased with it, but sometimes I wonder if the higher models will give me “more” of what the L505 does.  All in all I am thrilled with the “entry level” Luxman integrated. Good luck in your search.

of your choices i would go exposure

but better yet i would buy a hegel integrated within your budget which i believe will sound better than all of your slate 

You should check out LFD ( solid state ). Give GR a call as he is a big Harbeth dealer! BTW, I own those speakers and I use tube amplification!