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I'm considering the Hyper Eminent for my Shindo/Altec setup. The table is a Kuzma Ref 2 and Ref 313 gimbaled bearing arm. My question only has to do with sonic flavor. I was going to go with a Koetsu Rosewood Sig, but as much as I love Koetsu, I think it will be too warmly balanced in my setup. So I'm looking for a slightly more neutral sound without  dipping in to brands that tend to hyper detail the event. I think many of us know what lines they are, so let's leave specific names out of this thread. Let's just say I'm looking for a more linear, dynamic sound, yet still retaining enough body. 
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Edgewear said:
Matsudaira San’s designs definitely fall in the ’neutral’ camp, for whatever that term is worth. This often comes together with extreme detail retrieval, but the emphasis - if any - with MSL cartridges seems more on micro and macro dynamics than details for their own sake. This may be the reason these cartridges are usually described as being very lively, but sometimes also as being somewhat ’uneventful’: nothing sticks out, nothing draws attention to itself. In other words - uh - neutral.

Very interesting! this sounds like a very quiet in the grooves cartridge, that is perhaps more balanced than some of the hyper detailed offerings out there. All great info to work...back later. Thanks to all so far!!!


The alloy cantilever remark is meant as a goof.

I believe the sensible knowledge here know it's implementation of whatever used. 

We spend our hard earned cash on boxes that produce sound. I at least like to have fancy name materials to justify my purchases.

Duraluminum is an outdated marketing term for.....wait for it.........aluminum. I worked in the cycling manufacturing industry years back and learned a few things about aluminum pedigree.

is cantilever material perhaps just a consumer perception to quality?

Dear @fjn04  : MSL are really good cartridge designs and any buyer can't go wrong with, so an excellent alternative.

Now, you are with Kuzma and that makes me think that with any cartridge you will improve the system quality performance level with the Kuzma 4 point tonearm. You could think a little about too.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,