My Sonic Labs cartridges

Who has heard/used one? Which model? Can you describe their sonic signature compared to other cartridges.



@rsf507  Sure, David Michael Audio. I got my Schroder from him also. He is also a Dohmann dealer which is how I got started with him. 

I have the MSL Gold Signature. I replaced my Lyra Titan i with you about two years ago. At that time, I was considering the Lyra Etna SL. The MSL was described as between the Lyra and Koetsu. That is "analytical" vs. "lush", respectively,  if on a continuum. 

I'm super happy with my MSL Gold Sig. It is super supple, digs deep, renders vocals beautifully, has tons of body, etc. 

It was a huge leap up from my older Lyra. Of course, the Titan was an older model so I expected an improvement and this resulted in a very big one. Of course, I can't, truly, say how different it is to an Atlas or Etna. 

But, it has not left me wanting more or questioning anything--other than what else can I do to extract even more info out of it and the rest of my turntable/arm.


I have the other gold body MSL, the model below the Gold Sig....the Hyper Eminent. If you go to the Mo-Fi site, I believe they give a sonic analysis (opinion) of the Hyper, Gold, and the 3 silver body models. I've always avoided the real detail kings like Lyra, because body is important to me. I'm really enjoying mine... It hits a sweet spot for me. I'm running it with a Dave Slagle copper Low impedance step up in to a Shindo VR. 

I just found out that the MSL is at least 4 weeks away. I love it when the story keeps changing.