My system is where I want it be and it sounds awesome...

Finished.....Goldenear Reference, Carver tube amp, Prima Luna Pre....Yggy DAC, 2018 Mac mini serving roon and Oppo 203...With the addition of the GE Reference, I’m no longer using subs...Very pleased.  My wife is happy that the checking account will no longer be ravaged...Thanks for the help in selecting the components...
Wow....a happy audiophile.

@fastninja12....Enjoy!  Damn!  I thought I'd never see the day....

To quote M. Python:  "RUN AWAY!" ;) *VBS*

Don't let the nattering nabobs distract you!

O.P. ; same here. Oppo 203, Schiit Vidar amp, magnepan LRS speakers. 
I too am finished. I'm using a Yammy Aventage AVR as a pre for home theater and streaming purposes but since I'm in the "pre-amps do not have sound quality" camp I'm good with this system. Love the maggies. Best speakers I've ever heard. And the Vidar amp seems ideally suited to them.