My Triad of Integrateds

Whenever someone says they are looking for an integrated, I think they should try brands:

  • Luxman
  • Pass
  • Ayre
  • Arcam (actually a lot like Ayre to my ears)

Because I hear them as quite different sounding. What about you? Is there a constellation of integrateds you think buyers should experience?
you could certainly create a sub-thread to this one focused just on tube or SS integrated.
I’m thinking I’d prefer a tube pre and SS amp hybrid integrated.
@noodlyarm   This makes no sense 
+1 on the Vitus. The RI-100 is starting to come down to reasonable price levels now the RI-101 has been out a while. Great sounding unit wth tons of power reserve 
@hasmarto Thanks for mentioning we're the new US Distributors of Audio Analogue.
Just received our first shipment - Puccini Integrated shockingly good and the Maestro Integrated can compete with $20k separates...and above.
There is certainly something to their ZeroGlobalFeedback Design. We are seeking quality dealers to associate with this Italian company.
Coming is the Sabre9038-based AA-DAC and the AA-Phono.
Jim Ricketts/tmhaudio
@tmhaudio , The Maestro is simply on of the best integrateds out there, you, as a business insider, by now definitely know it. At least it’s definitely much better compared with the pieces offered here imo. In a word, Jim, you definitely need a shill to promote this brand 😂, given the natural non-curiosity of our fellow audiophile citizens 😎, otherwise one crappiest review but written in the US could do the curiosity thing.
BTW, their Airtech Air cables are really good.