my tt skips

My tt skips and I own mostly new albums. I checked the tracking force with a gauge and the anti-skip is set to the same as the tracking force. It is an AR EB101 w/original arm and rega elys cart. I dont use thicker vinyl 180-200 grams. Do I need to oil the arm or set something? I am new to vinyl, my first tt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
I had a similar problem. I finally determined that the bearing was bad. In my case it required me to buy another arm to make the determination (after trying everthing else I could think of including lubing the bearing). I'm not sure if there's any other means to do so other than having a repair shop look at it. So you'll proably want to listen to other's inputs and try all other approaches such as Raul's above.
I had a similar issue with my table, and my suspended floor actually turned out to be the culprit. This was only when someone moved slightly near the table. Eventually instead of tiptoeing through life, I had floor jacks installed in the room below and directly beneath my audio rack. It sounds like your problem is more often than just moving near the table, but I thought you should at least be aware of my issue.
To check for bad bearings, balance the tonearm and move the tonearm towards the plater spindle, the anti-skating should move the tonearm back to the rest post. Start near zero and increase the anti-skating if it fails to return, the lower the value the better the bearings as long there is no radial and axial play or slop in the tonearm bearing assembly.
Also verify that the cueing arm that lifts the tonearm is fully retracted prior to the above test.