Myrtle wood under TT

I have an acoustic Signiture Final tool TT. It sits on a Billy Bags stand. (Not a dedicated TT stand) I can bump the table just a little and the virations travel to the TT. Will 3 myrtle wood blocks help. I am low on cash. Mike
To go even cheaper. Just go to your local lumber yard supply and check to see if they sell these. Can't imagine paying more than $2 per linear feet, if you happen to live on the west coast. These myrtle wood are produced in the Northwest states like Washington and Oregon. You could just buy a stick and cut them down to a few pieces...

Never put your turntable directly on wood. You want mass and a dead/damped material like stone, concrete or a layered material.

Pour your own concrete base with a homemade mold. Frame the sides with wood for a finished look.
I know you're low on cash, but my advice is to get a wall shelf if possible. They're about $150 new and the difference in isolation is huge. My dog jumps down off the couch and the record doesn't skip. You're going to tear your hair out and spend as much on blocks and other things that won't work. The cheapest way is to do it right the first time. Either that or get some very soft shoes.
Would my Diamond Racing pucks be the way to go??? I have 3 with cones under pre amp???? Mike
Second the shelf idea. Friend used chains and suspended a shelf anchored to the wall. So the back part of the shelf was bracketed and the chains supported the front part of the shelf and ran up and back to the wall. Isolated the unit well from foot fall.