Mystery side-firing speaker - Acoustic Dimensions?

I "found" a pair of old odd-ball speakers called Acoustic Dimensions - probably circa 1980ish. 3 feet tall, 10 inches deep and wide - square GLASS top. Has a 2 inch tweeter on front and also right and left. That's right - tweeters on THREE sides- 8-in woofer in front.

Anyone have a clue as to the what/where/why of speaker?

(Is it just me or do a lot of people leave perfectly good speakers by the side of the road for weird audiogoners to "discover"?)
Don't know about your discovery, but I've found people either discard or sell cheap at garage sales some real audiophile-quality gems because they've replaced them with
'home theater in-a box" systems, or, in the case of this past weekend I bought for $20. a pair of Infinity RS6s and Yamaha integrated amp that my neighbor replaced with a Bose Wave Radio.
There's some very good equipment out there being discarded for up-to-date junk.
True - the list of stuff I've found at the side of the road is quite long and impressive (except to the spouse). Mostly speakers but some components too. I actually lugged these babies out to the street last weekend to get them out of the garage- lots of gawkers came and kicked the tires but no takers (missing one woofer) so I schlepped them back in the garage.

But this is one item that I just can't figure out - can't tell what its worth or what the company is. will probably end up by the pool, sound reinforcement for the other 4 pairs of speakers out there in the yard already.