Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II

Anybody seen one of these. They keep moving back the delivery estimate. If so, what do you think?


The wife told me to hold off on the recycling bin.  It's your last chance!!!!

Mytek in Brooklyn should be able to fix it and as I see refurbished ones for sale on the Mytek website, I assume they take them in trade. Sorry to hear about your experience. 

@dherring -- Mytek won't answer my my emails and I'm not bright enough to figure out any other way to get hold of them. The Brooklyn remains little more than a doorstop.

The summer specials add insult to injury. Can get BB2 only by purchasing the amp plus package. Michal has stopped responding to my emails. I don’t know what’s wrong but it does seem very grave. 

The HEM company in Poland that they split off of I bet could fix it. They have actually put out a software release subsequent to what the official Mytek has released. My guess is that in addition the split and underlyign financial reasons, Michal wanted to put all his resources in BB2 and has foregone continued to support the BB1.

Mytek also has a Facebook group FWIW