Mytek slams Hypex in Stereophile Amp Review

Mytek's chief designer, Michal Jurewicz, told me. "Hypex [class-D modules] cannot drive it, the amps collapse, but this Brooklyn Amp does it with ease."

Which is pretty interesting, because the closest I could find to their specs is from ICEpower modules. :) 

I've not been able to do comparisons with Hypex vs. ICEpower amps, so I have no idea what this is about. I use both but certainly not with difficult speakers. 
I also have not (knowingly) heard a Pascal based amp either. Anyone who wishes to send me a pair for evaluation... :) 

There are definitely some fans of those modules too. 


Only one I’ve seen do this is Miller Audio Reasearch Test Labs, when they did 3rd party Lab Report testing for HiFi News and Record Review, like they did on the Wilson Alexia, which managed an EPDR of just 0.9ohm!!!! in the bass.

Cheers George
Ha George, My Watt 3's went one better  0.75 Ohm!

Class D seems to work better than Class AB in Power regeneration Products though.

Class D will continue to evolve and eventually overtake SS and tube ... but this is years down the road ... until everyone over 50 yo has died off ... lol.

Seriously, the Class D are amazing these days compared to even 3 years ago.
I dont understand how anyone can just write off Class D altogether? The dude quoted above ... hasn’t heard high end Class D, eg Merrill amps.

But Eric, I have never heard anyone c/o the Hypex NCORE modules. Never. And they only get better, with better power supplies and support circuit.

And also, to offer an example, I do have a Hypex UCD 400w module that drives a 12" woofer in my Zu Audio Undertone sub. Its a monster. I live in CA and it makes me think I'm undergoing a earthquake.

Last, The Red Dragons have found homes, e.g Clayton Shaw of Spatial speakers used them at trade shows. And the other ICE module mentioned above, I currently own a Bel Canto Ref500s Class D amp. And it still drives my Dynaudios very well (Dyns are known to need and sound best with high power)
Seriously, the Class D are amazing these days compared to even 3 years ago.
This is quite possibly true, however it is hilarious that people have been saying this about Class D for the last 20 years. 
I have read the Stereophile review.
Apparently Mytek built those amps specifically to power their Duntechs.
Those speakers are a 25 years old technology with passive first order crossovers. A strange choice for a pro studio. The JA measurements of the Mytek amps give "respectable" figures. But the amps cannot be measured properly at 2 ohm, as they go into protection modes. So, low impedance performance is not an issue here. The Pascals strong side is their potential brute force, hence the 300wpc (continuous hopefully) metric. They perform nicely with subs, not so in the mids and highs. Ncores can reliably deliver 100 wpc continuous and 700 wpc peak. The heat dissipation becomes a problem. But when used in active architecture, n-cores are unbeatable on all counts. All in all, Mytek is a peculiar amp for peculiar speakers.