NAD 3020 or C326BEE Integrated? Help me choose.

I have the opportunity to buy a restored/serviced 3020 in excellent condition or a like new 326BEE amplifier for essentially the same $$$.  I have a set of Klipsch RB-61 speakers and an Onkyo C-7030 CD player.  

Which would you choose and why?

Thank you for your input!
Have a 3020 and like it quite well.$250 might be a little steep but see if you can audition both and hear what you like best.Many people with expensive systems will bash the 3020 because of its age and not costing $1000's of dollars. 
I have owned a 3020 and 325BEE and the 3020 is thick and has limited extension at the freq extremes not to mention less detail in comparison

the 3020 is smooth/euphonic but I would not recommend it in this case.
The NAD 3020 was widely acclaimed in its day and often makes the "best ever" lists for the history of amps or integrateds.  That doesn't mean it is better than top unit of today, but doesn't mean it is worse either.

you had better listen to both of them to see... 
It is my opinion that at $250, a good condition 326BEE is easily the better deal. If later you decide you want a different amp you would be able to sell it without loss.