NAD 7600 Turns on briefly, then shuts off

After a 110 power "interruption", and although the fuse is still fine, the 7600 turns on for a second, then off again. I'm assuming the built-in protection is kicking in.

Is this something obvious that I can fix myself? Any help is very much appreciated.
I assume you've tried disconnecting the speakers from the receiver's terminals, just to make sure there's not a short unrelated to the power interruption.

If that's the case, and it still goes into protection mode without any load, try unplugging the unit for an hour to let the capacitors discharge. Then plug it back in and power it up. Sometimes, this works as a reset procedure but it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. If no components have been damaged, it should work fine again.

If all of that fails, you have a damaged or severely out of spec component somewhere. My feeling is that, if you don't already know which ones to check first and are asking for advice, then you probably don't have the equipment or skills to track down the fault and repair it yourself.

If you can find a good tech who charges reasonable rates, it might be worth fixing. You simply have to ask yourself, can I replace my 7600 with a new unit of comparable quality and features for the cost of the repair or less? When it comes to stereo receivers these days, the answer is usually no.

Good luck!
Thanks Eko!

Yes, I have done all you suggested and still get the same result. I do think it's time to try my local repair shop. they have a good reputation and will call before repairing (with a usually-modest diagnosis fee).
I had the same problem with an NAD 7400 integrated.

I sold it for parts. I've regretted it ever since. So if you can get it fixed for $200 or less, I say go for it. Even though new NAD stuff is very good, I think the old stuff was better and I miss features like the built-in phono stage.
I've got the same problem with my NAD 7600. It's possible to use it for hours. But once you shut it of it might not power up again. And if this happens it turns on for a split second, most led's lighten up and thut down immidiately. And then I wait about 12 to 20 hours with all wires connected, and the receiver works again when I press the green powerbutton.

I allready started solving bad connections by soldering, but no succes for now. Irishone, do you have the solution by now?