NAD M10 V2 compared to Naim Uniti Atom

Looking for some opinions based on current owners of either or experience with both of these units.   I had a Naim Muso 2 that I loved but got rid of it as I wanted to do a set up in my office with separates. I purchased the NAD M10 V2 and although I like it, feel as if the Naim "house sound" might be better which is why I'm seeking your thoughts. My speakers are Atohm GT1-HD bookshelf speakers with a REL T9X subwoofer.  I could also go with the Naim Uniti Star or Uniti Nova if anyone has thoughts on those more fully featured units.  Since this system is in my office I don't need a ton of power as the music is generally played in the background. I use a Grimm MU1 hooked up to my main system that connects me to Roon in my office and I stream 100% of the time both Qobuz and Tidal connected via ethernet cable.  I primarily listen to Jazz from the 50's, 60's, 70's.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment.

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We are a dealer for both lines and have compared both pieces 

many times


you are comparing a class d amp in the NAD vs a class A/B AMP IN THE 'Naim


AMD YOU CAN REALLY HEAR THE DIFFERENCE THE Naim is warm and punchy and musically engaging. 

so far, we have heard every class D amp technology so far only the pascal technology. has produced a sound similar to a class A/B amplifier.

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NAD and Naim dealers





Personally spent a lot of time with both. I prefer the Naim Uniti Atom. Class AB, the way Naim engineers their amps and just overall heft and craftsmanship is hard to beat! The first time I ever heard the Uniti Atom I was blown away with the sound and then was told it was only 40watts/channel! Both are Roon ready and both are wireless or wired streamers so you don’t need anything else. For bookshelf speakers I wouldn’t jump to the Star unless you just want cd playback. Is a cd player and 30 more watts worth $2k to you? Good luck.

Hate to pile on but the Atom is really special bit of kit….. look at my California system photo to see related gear it is VERY complimentary with…… Good luck on your search


I agree with all the above.  The Naim App is weak sauce, but as a Roon endpoint it’s a great sounding compact piece, perfect for your application.  You won’t need the Grimm streamer.