Has a has anyone heard the NAD M33 (Qobuz or Tidal Masters) yet, if so what are your impressions?
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We have on4e on order will let you know once it is here the purefi technology is supposed to be revolutionary

Dave and Troy

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i have the M-10 now and like it a lot, pretty excited about maybe a big upgrade....
Not yet,  I had the M10 and the older nCore's were lacking power and Dirac was still in its early days.   

I have a purpose built streamer with the Purifi modules and it is by far the best class D that I have experienced.  This is coming from DIY UcD, nCore builds over the years,  Even better than his Lyngdorf 3400.  

I use Roon and stream through both Tidal and Qobuz.    Amazing.

Dave and Troy I’m looking forward to hearing what you think, I will likely buy one when they become available, let me know..
I am interested in reading the user's opinions about this, may I say a value product the NAD M33. Where does it stand among some other relatively affordable all-in-ones? How does it compare to some separate streamers, DACs, and amplifiers which may sound similar or better being in roughly the same price category?