NAD Monitor Series: opinions

Taking inspiration from the recent thread about experience with McIntosh audio gear, I'd like members' opinions of the "Monitor Series" line of early (1990s) NAD components, especially the 2600 power amplifier, the 1300 preamp, and the 7600 receiver. Same categories, more or less: Sound Quality (including "sonic profile": warm or analytical or neutral or...); Build Quality; Durability. Thanks.


I owned new the 2600A and 1300. They sounded ok for what they cost, but inside fairly cheap compared to Adcom. The looks sold me over sound when I was young. If I was looking to purchase these components for a vintage or blast from the past system today I’d look at an Adcom 555 or 565 preamp and 545 amp. Adcom is built much better, easier to service and mod if you’re into that. The Adcom’s probably pop up more often and priced about the same. Today’s NAD is much better FYI. Good luck.

My primary preamp/tuner for 10 years was the Monitor 1600, which contains the preamp section from the 1300 and 7600. The 1300 is a superb sounding unit overall: neutral, dead quiet, flexible controls, and nonfatiguing. Just beware that these were made somewhere between late 80s and early 90s, so caps need checking. The 2600 is known for output relays going bad, but it's good sounding. I would have those replaced and have the caps checked as well.