NAD t747 8ohms minimum- Speakers I want, 6ohms

Hi Guys,

After many auditions, I decided on Dali's Lektor 6 tower speakers as part of my first decent system. Before I actually bought them, I found a deal I couldn't pass up on a NAD's t747 a/v receiver (bundled w/NAD Blu-ray player @ 45% discount). Before I even opened the box, I saw on-line in the owner's manual that it calls for a minimum of 8ohm speakers. I was about to purchase the speakers when I saw they are rated at 6 ohms.

What should I do? What would be the best thing to do? I really liked the sound of the Dali's over all else, but don't want to overload the amp or void the warranty. I should still be able to return/exchange the amp....
I have the NAD T747 driving 8ohm mains - 4 ohm centre and 4 ohm rears - no problems. If you run the Dali's in 2 channel you will be fine. The only issue might be in 5 channel with the Dali's running full range - even then at decent volumes you won't have a problem.

Ohm ratings are a bit misleading, since they represent an average across the audio spectrum. It varies considerably, with most of the issues in the bottom end. Not familiar with the Dali's, but I assume they are reasonably efficient - not 85db with multiple bass drivers. NAD has a pretty good power supply.

You will also note in NADs literature that the T747 puts out 60wpc in 8 ohms and 4 ohms. Go for the Dali's and enjoy.
I just bought a T747 ,assuming it would be fine with 4 ohm rears. Wrong. Back amps fried in a day.