NAD T763 or B&K AVR 202

I'm getting ready to buy either a NAD 763 or a B&K AVR 202. Both are the same price, I've not had the chance to listen to a B&K but I am familiar with the NAD, as I just sold my T762. My speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 8i's, with matching surrounds and an M&K MX 125 sub. From what I can see the B&K is excellent at home theater. I listen to 50% music and 50% HT. Thanks for any input.
i owned the b&k for a long time before selling it on impulse to get a denon avr--big mistake. the b&k sounded fantastic on movies and esp. on music, was bulletproof and had the best learning remote i've ever used. it doesn't have the numerous, largely useless dsps and listening modes of the mass market ilk, which i never minded since i rarely use anything but dts and straight stereo.
as for the nad, i haven't owned the t763, though i've owned lots of their other amps/combo players with mixed success--like english cars, nad is well-engineered but unreliable w/lots of ergonomic quirks. i always felt their amps were powerful-sounding but somewhat colored and forward-sounding, whereas the b&k is very natural and neutral. again, i haven't heard the t763.
i assume you can get the 202, which is an older product, for around $300, which would seem to make it a no-brainer.
The more I dig into this, I think I'm going to spend a bit more for the 307. It seems to have the upgrades that are needed on the 202 such as component inputs and better a DAC. What other receivers in this league should I look into?
Have had a T763 for almost 5 years - don't really care for it at all. Many weird dropouts with remote and on-screen menus failing to appear at times. Sound is merely okay. Originally drove JmLab Chorus 707S and 700 center and JmLab inwalls - was a pretty large room - not a great job - switched to my old Adcom 555 for the mains - made a big difference. I wouldn't buy NAD again.