NAD takes on the Krell Beast 1800 vs 6700??

My friend has a Adcom 700 CDP,Krell KBL linestage,NAD S-200 amp 225wpc.Diva 6.1 speakers 88ohmHis friend is selling a Krell KSA-250 250+ wpcWe listened to the Krell for one day then the next day the NAD.The Krell was run balanced with a Transparent Audio Super Link power cord.The NAD was run unbalanced with the stock power cord.The Krell had tactile kick drum slam,clear highs and very clean mids.The soundstage was wide but lacked depth.I was surprised at the flat soundstage.Imaging was so,so.Overall it sounded boring.With the NAD the very first thing I noticed is how it almost sounded 'tube like'.It was smoother and warmer.The soundstage was not quite as wide as the Krell but it had real depth.Imaging way better.The NAD won hands down.WHY??
Environmental issues are at hand.

Higher end components usually need more pampering to perform up to its potential? Maybe the listening environement wasn't to Krell's liking, so he decided not to get out of his pajamas, brush his teeth, and clear phlem out of his throat.

Next time, pamper the Krell, treat his friends well too. Move the speakers around a bit. Switch some speaker cables, interconnects, source component and such.

All it takes is a bad apple to spoil the batch, especially with picky people like Krell.

(i never used a krell in my life)
David your totally right. 2 of my favorite amps are the NAD S200 and the Meridian 557 Amp. Both of these Amps sound amazing.
Synergy,synergy,synergy.The nad worked with those speakers,wire combo.The krell would win with say.Martin logan,straight wire combo.Thats my rig and I have had the nad.The krell I am using is a KST 100.I had a ksa 50 that did not "work" well with those speaker ,wire combo.
Very easy becouse Krell is way over priced equipment. And that said Krell can work great with the right setup as with any high end audio its all about the right match. You can't just buy a Krell and think its going to automatically sound better then a 700 dollar NAD it totally depends on the speakers and such. But I firmly belive after comparing a $5000 Krell to a $3000 Ayre amp on Vandersteens model 5s that krell is way over priced, for how it sounded there was no Comparison there eather the Ayre sounded Much Much better in every aspect.
and NAD is way way underrated most highend audio guys out there says that NAD can't be good becouse it dosn't cost much and for some reason NAD just sounds Great in certan setups. I have Magnepans with true ribbons and I have tryed NADs and the sound was great. A somewhat Bright Speaker really lends it's self to the NAD.
To Funny How all the Krell lovers jump in and say it could be this or that. I would love to see there face's if they actually bought or barrowed from a dealer a NAD S-200 and set it up in there setup with no Changes to there setup at all. I think they would just be Shocked. I'm not saying the NAD would sound better but I think it would be so close maybe worse on somethings and better on others but so close that it would no way justify the price of a Krell.