Nagra Service?

Unfortunately, i have some sort of short in one of my Nagra VPA monoblocks. Anyone in the US or Canada know where I could get 'local' service, instead of footing the bill all the way to Switzerland? The Nagra USA people apparently have yet to get a tech trained to do local service.

GREAT NEWS. Nagra USA has fixed my amp, for a grand total of $220 - hardly a 'wallet-lightening experience'!

More importantly for all of you, they have enlisted a very experienced and friendly technician (whose been working on McIntosh gear for many years) to go to Switzerland to get in-depth training at the factory, and who would obviously have full access to and supoort from the engineers in Switzerland.

So all us Nagra US devotees need not work about service issues in the future. WHEW!

Would you mind telling us who fixed it and what the problem was? Good to hear you're back to enjoying your system. Thanks.

Hi - It was a ffairly straight forward repair once it was diagnosed, two resistor failed. The guy's name is Steve George, and as I mentioned he's now the authorized Nagra repair person for the US. I was referred to him by Nancy Belt from Nagra USA.