Nagra Service?

Unfortunately, i have some sort of short in one of my Nagra VPA monoblocks. Anyone in the US or Canada know where I could get 'local' service, instead of footing the bill all the way to Switzerland? The Nagra USA people apparently have yet to get a tech trained to do local service.


Would you mind telling us who fixed it and what the problem was? Good to hear you're back to enjoying your system. Thanks.

Hi - It was a ffairly straight forward repair once it was diagnosed, two resistor failed. The guy's name is Steve George, and as I mentioned he's now the authorized Nagra repair person for the US. I was referred to him by Nancy Belt from Nagra USA.
Once again - anone in the US needing Nagra-authorized service on their gear, this is the contact information -
Steve George is the contact:

Trew Audio USA
220 Great Circle Road, Suite 116
Nashville,TN 37228-1798
Toll-Free: 800-241-8994
In Nashville: 615-256-3542