Nagra Service?

Unfortunately, i have some sort of short in one of my Nagra VPA monoblocks. Anyone in the US or Canada know where I could get 'local' service, instead of footing the bill all the way to Switzerland? The Nagra USA people apparently have yet to get a tech trained to do local service.

Once again - anone in the US needing Nagra-authorized service on their gear, this is the contact information -
Steve George is the contact:

Trew Audio USA
220 Great Circle Road, Suite 116
Nashville,TN 37228-1798
Toll-Free: 800-241-8994
In Nashville: 615-256-3542

It's Steve George, Service Manager/lead tech at Trew Audio. Just wanting to add a few Swiss Franc's to artg's greatful blurb: Nagra Switzerland had us reimburse Mr. artg his labor and parts as this was to have been covered under Warranty (even though he bought the amps used! In fact, all KR Tube damaged VPA's are to be covered). We were then reimbursed by Nagra.

This is a dream come true for me here. For the past 5 years we were a well known Nagra Professional repair center, but their HiFi gear was out of reach (and out of our mission statement), but so much has changed in the Pro Audio world (what's there to repair on a Hard disk recorder?), so we have branched out into Ultra Hi Fi. Now I get paid to do my hobby!

Steve George
Trew Audio
McIntosh and Nagra Pro/Nagra HiFi Service
(800) 241-8994