Nagra VPA versus Lamm ML1.1

Anybody had the chance to compare those two tube amp ?

Which amp is more natural ? more musical ?
I liked the Lamm better (and bought it as a result). The Nagra to me was excellent as well, but it was not as fleshed out in the mids harmonically--just a bit towards the analytical side of the spectrum. The Lamms are about as natural sounding as they get.
Can't speak for the Lamm, but the Nagra is very smooth and musical, with the correct tubes (both 845's and internal tubes) it is very harmoinically fleshed out. I own Verity Parsifal Encores, and there is a reason the Verity people showcase them with Nagra electronics....
I haven't heard the Lamm ML1.1, but I own Lamm M1.2 Reference hybrid and I have had the Nagra VPAs on dealer loan for over two weeks, and I have to agree with Rcprince.
Not to simply defend my choice of gear..... but, a re-tubed VPA does not sound like a stock VPA.

To anyone who runs tubes, that should come as no surprise, as each VPA has 4 tubes (input and driver internally, and two 845's on the top). Anyway, nothing against the Lamm's, they're obvioulsy first class, just adding that the Nagra can be sweetened and made more palpable with different tube sets......