Nagra VPA versus Lamm ML1.1

Anybody had the chance to compare those two tube amp ?

Which amp is more natural ? more musical ?
Artg, I preferred my Dodd 120's to the berning. These are solid state rectified, and have unbeatable bass for an EL34. The Bass was better than on my custom KT88's, which I just sold too. Berning is sold to a fellow Agoner. I definately look forward to these Lamms though.
Artg -> comparing stock vs stock, Nagra's rendition is several degrees cooler than Lamm's. But you are right - you can re-tube both to get a different sonic flavor. That is the beauty of tubes, isn't it?
There are many discussions on retubing the Nagras (VPA and PL-P), anyway what is the preferences? Can somebody show/suggest list of best sounding combination of tubes? . I am in the process of "improving" the sound of my Nagras, need some suggestion for tube rolling.Thanks in advance