Naim HDX vs Resolution Audio Cantata

I would appreciate comparisons primarily of sonic characteristics, as opposed to features. I like the idea of a HDD server, and these two seem to be among the better reviewed in the <$10,000 category. But, if I am missing anything that should be considered with these, I would very much appreciate other suggestions.

Thanks for any guidance.
I haven't listened to the Resolution Audio, so I cannot make a comparison, but I can say that the Naim sounds excellent, and has the "Naim Sound" that allows their CD players to be popular among music listeners.

You could look at the Linn DS products, but I prefer the Naim sound character, and Naim's software and control options are more reliable.

I also recommend looking into a good DAC and using a steaming device. When done correctly, it can offer excellent performance and more flexibility.

What software do you use and how did you encode your music? FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless? Do you require more than 16/44?
I am now all apple lossless. I could re-rip to wav if I got the hdx. I have also thought about a Weiss dac202 with a MacBook/mini, but I do like some of the added wireless benefits of the hdx and cantata. Would like high resolution capability.

Thanks for the tips.
You might try a Weiss INT202 and Naim DAC. This is what I've been using and it is wonderful. I get the Apple interface and flexibility, along with the Naim sound. I'm getting ready to test some options to the INT202.
I haven't heard the Cantata or anything else Resolution Audio. I've heard the HDX and Naim DAC several times. The DAC sounds better than the HDX to my ears. What's feeding the DAC obviously factors in, so there could be instances where the HDX will sound better. I guess it all comes down to what'll feed the DAC vs the HDX as a stand alone unit.

The HDX makes things very simple as its a self contained unit that rips, stores, and plays back pretty much anything you can throw at it. You only have one cable, don't need an external DAC, etc. If you don't know what you're doing with putting together a music server - there's more to it than just selecting a computer and connecting it - the HDX may very well be the best sounding unit.