Naim Hicap-4 pin DIN-to Linn LK 240's-RCA

Just bought (2) Linn LK 240 mono amps and would like to audition them with my Naim 42.5/Hicap combo. The Hicap has two ports for mono amps. Each port is a 4 pin DIN. The LK 240's require a single RCA input. Does anyone know where to get such interlinks-especially without going broke-since all I wish to do is compare between a Linn preamp and the Naim equipment?

If it helps the following are the pinout connections for the 4-pin sockets on the Hi-Cap:
Looking at the socket and going CLOCKWISE from the connector KEY: CH1 - N/C - NEG - CH2

If you can obtain some 4-pin DIN connectors and are handy with a soldering iron you can make your own cables to get you going

Regards, Richard.

my friend got some naim cables like that to use a tape deck so i guess they would do it for you--also i know ''chord'''make these cables as well and they are at
ive seen a few lately on ebay-i dont if they are still there.