Naim Mu-so v2 as Soundbar?

My wife and I recently did some home re-decorating and decided we should cut back on the AV equipment in the master bedroom. My trusty LS50s, Creek Evo100 integrated, and associated stereo gear got moved to the office and I’m now looking for a one box solution to still give decent sound for the bedroom TV and to occasionally play music. Honestly, it will mostly be my wife using it, but I still want it to sound good. 

Unfortunately, a separate subwoofer has been nixed so that cuts my list of potential, well-regarded soundbars quite a bit. Enter the Mu-so v2 which now has HDMI input, great reviews, and is a beautiful piece of gear to keep the wife happy. Anybody have experience with one, especially being used as a soundbar? Anything else you would recommend in the ballpark on price or cheaper? I have a separate surround sound setup for movies and now the above mentioned stereo setup in my office so maybe I’m crazy to even care at this point, but who isn’t at least a little crazy in this hobby? :)

Thanks in advance. 
We actually have one in our shop wired as a soundbar. 

Sounds fantastic. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
The Naim Muso sounded quite a bit better than any soundboard for music but I had never heard it used for TV viewings though so can't comment. I only heard the Muso for playing music briefly at one small Naim dealer in my town. 
Correction : sorry about the mistype. I meant to say that the Naim Muso sounded quite a bit better than any soundbars out there when used for music. 
I haven’t purchased yet. Definitely appreciate the positive comments though and plan to get it in a few weeks when the re-decorating is finished and I know we haven’t gone too far over budget in other areas. 

A bit surprised I didn’t get other recommendations or dissenting opinions, but then again there aren’t many soundbars that I expected this forum to think highly of...especially without a separate sub like I need.