Naim Nait 2 vs. Rega Mira 3

I have owned a Nait 2 and orginal Rega Planet (with extra attenuation) for about 6 months. I recently got the itch to change and moved to a Rega Apollo and Rega Mira 3. My preliminary notes show that it just doesn't sound as good to me. Anybody have any reflections on this?
Not surprising. The Nait has a fantastically musical, addictive character, even if it is not especially linear or accurate. The Planet is also really good at the basics, though not that refined. I can't speak for the Mira 3 directly, but I bet that it is both more hi-fi (revealing, transparent, wider bandwidth, better imaging) and not as good at making the tune and the timing of the music go right to your head.

You may be finding that the greater refinement and transparency of both the new amo and cdp distract you from hearing what you really liked from the Nait/Planet combo.
My guess is that with your Apollo-Mira combination, you're having a hard time adjusting to a new level of detail. Your new equipment is not as forgiving as the old Nait and Planet.

I've owned both the Apollo and the Planet -- both are great, but the Planet is more rolled-off. It's not as accurate but with some (many?) CDs, it's easier on the ears.

I've also owned a Rega Mira 3 amp. I never really learned to love it. However, I replaced it with the lesser model in Rega's line, the Brio (the 2000 model, not the current Brio 3) -- and now I'm a lot happier with the sound. The Brio is not as convenient -- no remote control -- but it sounds (to my ears) more musical, less "electronic" than the Mira 3.

The Planet and Brio are in my current office system, driving a pair of Spendor S3/5s, usually at low levels -- very pleasing and musical, often so much so that I get distracted from my work.

So, I'd suggest you look for a used Brio -- if you can live without remote control, it might suit your taste more than the Mira. I'd keep the Apollo -- it partners nicely with the Brio. I'd also suggest you mate Rega with Rega rather than be tempted to mix-and-match Rega and Naim -- some have mixed the brands to their liking, but my experience suggests otherwise. My main system uses Naim (Nait 5i and CD5i) -- I hear audible brand synergy when you keep Naim with Naim and Rega with Rega.

If you do get a Brio but find you don't like it, you can re-sell it -- they rarely last too long on Audiogon.
I think it simply isn't what you're used to. Give yourself and your stereo some time to get to know each other before making snap judgements. The Naim and the Rega are very different amplifiers so you need to reacquainte yourself with your new sound. If in a month you don't like it, sell the Rega and get a 5i.

I've heard the 5i and don't really like it. To me the Nait 2 sounds more natural and not as hi-fi. I do not want to admit that the Rega sounds more hi-fi because I like the company (I have a cdp and truntable/arm/cart from them) and their philosophy. The Nait 2 phono stage is just awesome for the money. I thought the same of the Rega when demoing it, but don't find it so great now. Crap.
That is the problem with demos.

If you find the 5i and Mira 3 to be hifi, then you need to look for something totally different. You might like a McIntosh MA6400. They can be hard to find but it sounds to me like the perfect candidate for you. It is all-natural with few hifi pretences, at least compared to modern components. And I am told the phono stage is quite good too.

But are you sure it isn't the Apollo you don't care for? It seems to me your description is that of the Apollo and not of the Mira. I find the Mira laid back but the Apollo is quite hifi-sounding...a good bit moreso than the original Planet even. You may simply need a different cd player.

Arthur, I see what you are getting at, but I hear the same kind of character in the phono section as I do in the CD section. I am going to give it some more time, but my first instincts are almost always right on these things.
I went back to the Nait 2 for anyone who is tracking this. The Mira just didn't excite me as much and didn't sound quite as real.
I am still happily using the Niat 2. I recently changed to a Naim CDX, and I am not sure I like it more than the Planet. As people have said about the CDX, it is pretty unforgiving. And, it seems to add a bit of sibilance that I have not heard before. I have to do some more critical listening, however. I may end up back with the Planet. I would never have guessed it. I don't mind a forgiving player, as I listen to a lot of imperfectly recorded music.
Update.  I have tried several amps to replace the Nait 2 and have found none that I like better.  Tried Sugden, Lavardin, and several others.  I can't put my finger on what I like, but I am stuck with it.  I have a 47 Labs Shigaraki digital rig now.  Easily the best CD system at its price--bar none.  I'm about to finally spring for a Linn LP 12.  I am told the synergy is wonderful.  We shall see.

Update. I have tried several amps to replace the Nait 2 and have found none that I like better. Tried Sugden, Lavardin, and several others.
What other amps have you tried?
Yes, curious minds would like to know :)  

Interesting thread, I like reading about the Nait 2, I actually never heard one before but had a couple of Onix integrateds - the OA21s and the OA20/2 and they were both spectacular, often being called the poor man's Naim Nait II.

The Nait 2 is not the most resolving integrated amplifier out there, however, it does get the listener involved in the music in a way that few audio components regardless of price can do.  I've owned most of Naim's amplifiers and preamplifiers prior to 1990 and the Nait 2 maintains the Naim House Sound of the time. The best Naim gear I owned from back then was a NAC72/HICAP/NAP135 setup. This was noticeably more resolving than the Nait 2 and about 10X the price, yet the Nait 2  never embarrassed itself.  I inherited my late Dad's recently along with his CDi, both of which I will eventually use in a vintage British two channel system.