naim vs ayre

I would appreciate your thoughts about the ax7 ayre integrated with the ayre ax7 cd player vs naim (either supernait or nap 202 with nap 200 along with the naim cd 5xs) to go along with Dynaudio Confidence c1s. How would you describe the sonic differences. I listen to a lot of jazz and vocal music.
I own a Ax-7e (an excellent integrated) and I don't mean to side track your thread but I suspect it does not have enough juice for your Confidence c1's.

The Confidence have been measured with 85db@4ohm.

I have the Totem Ones and they have approx. the same specs and found the Ayre (70w@8ohm) lacking the power to let speaker really breathe. In doing so, my speakers sounded bright and fatiguing with a lot of detail in the highs but boomy bass compared to when I hook them up to my Musical Fidelity A5.5 (250w@8ohm). With the A5.5 I get more sweet music, more body, tight bass/slam. The speaker sounds more balanced especially in the mid-range.

I actually just did a critical A/B listen today between the two. I also A/B two other pairs of monitors similar to yours today with similar results.

I believe Stereophile also noted in there review that the C1's needed lot's of power."As Wes Phillips found in his auditioning, it will benefit from being driven by a powerful amplifier."

Again, sorry to sidetrack and stepping in.

The funny thing, I'm also interested to hear comparisons between the Ayre and Naim.

Please carry on.
I would prefer the Naim Supernait (not the 200, but 250 OK) for this application - more power on reserve for dynamic passages that the Ayre - and upgrade path available with outboard power supply. With that said - an even bigger integrated like the Plinius Hiato, or separates from Audio Resarch would probably be my first pick with the C1 if space and budget allow.
Dealer Disclaimer:

We pair C1s, C2s, and Sapphires frequently with the Supernait. The synergy is simply fantastic. (Hicap helps with the Sapphire, Flatcap for C1s or C2s is a great upgrade option ((especially if you are considering the CD5 XS))

The Supernait is a really great value and has more than enough current to drive most any Dynauudio model into sonic bliss!

Ayre makes very nice equipment as well.

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Upgrading 2 years ago from naim nait5, supernait2 was the obvious choice...until I heard the ayre ax-7e. I can only describe a beauty, naturalness to its sound. Timbraly much more colour, clarity and imaging specificity to die for! I bought the ayre on the spot and haven't looked back. This with audiolab Mdac (until I get the ayre qb9) fed with iMac and pmc twenty 24 speakers. As a naim fan, the superiority of the ayre (not widely known in the uk) was astonishing. Converted! All with cardas cables, makes a difference with the ayre and much more friendly than nac a5 !! 
I would be very careful matching up the C-1's. With the wrong amp they can sound very analytical. With these speakers I would only want to buy something If I audition first. And yes, I have experience with the C1's having owned them for 3 years