Nakamichi MB-2 CD tray sticks when opening

Can someone tell me what is the fix for a Nakamichi MB-2 CD player that when you open the tray it sticks and you have to pull on it slightly to open it. I've seen other people on the web with the same player having the same problem.
In general, there are a few cheap fixes you can try.

The grease applied at the factory sometimes dries up or clots, so clean off all the old grease on the tracks and reapply some new stuff.

Also, the belt often wears and that can usually be replaced as well.

Finally, the motor can get weak and may need to be replaced.

Of course, sometimes the cause is a combination of the three. So the best course of action is to start with the first and second. If they don't do the trick, then you'll have to see about replacing the motor if the part is still available, or sourcing a donor unit.