Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align

Lately I’ve found myself alternating between music I love (but sounds mediocre) and music I don’t know well or only like (but sounds incredible).

Occasionally, I stumble across a track where the song could both serve as a great show off piece for my gear and I love the music.

If you can, name up to 3 songs where the audio and song quality take you over the moon with pleasure.


It's hard to keep it at 3 but here are a few that haven't been mentioned:

Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit (self titled live album) - Yield Not To Temptation

Lionel Hampton (For The Love of Music album) - Gossamer Wings (with Chaka Kahn)

Simply Red (Picture Book album) - Sad Old Red

I take this CD to shows...Exibitors go Nuts when they hear it....If you’re a Pink Floyd fan , You’ve NEVER heard "Wish you were here" like this....This makes SACD sound like an 8 track......Redbook CD .Album: SEGURIDAD Furia Latina ...Song # 11.....If you are an must have this.

Dear God, Please Help Me (Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormenters)

Answer Me, My Love (Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now 2000)

Trailways Bus (Paul Simon - Songs from the Capeman)



I could not find the Mark Islam tune.  What album is it on?

Listening to Kevin Mahogany now. Nice!

@curiousjim The album is called Blue Sun. The first track, Barcelona, is great too. Note, it’s Mark Isham.