Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align

Lately I’ve found myself alternating between music I love (but sounds mediocre) and music I don’t know well or only like (but sounds incredible).

Occasionally, I stumble across a track where the song could both serve as a great show off piece for my gear and I love the music.

If you can, name up to 3 songs where the audio and song quality take you over the moon with pleasure.


3 personal faves, which is how i interpret the question:

Beck - End of the day

Lucinda Williams - Something about what happens when we talk (2017)

Ween - You were the fool


...sometimes....the best mix is the ones that fall into your lap....

....have you?  

Iko Iko is fun....hang 'round there...;)

"Playing With My Emotions" by Tedeschi Trucks hasn’t been mentioned and it’s pretty exceptional

Early Stones.  Because they recorded on Decca in the golden period.

Plus most later Stones is crap.

But OP appears to posit the original recordings.  If you listen to LPs you have to look at MFSL (and some other reissues, very carefully chosen) for greatly improved SQ in many cases.  I would cite for instance Beatles for Sale and Revolver as astonishing, and the original EMIs were good.  Listen to I'm a Loser - Lennon is right there in front of you, his grainy voice perfectly reproduced.

Define audio quality, sound quality

for example Pavarotti may mean great in voice  sound quality which I do 

it’s a man’s world with JamesBrown 2 Goats in their respective categories.

Elvis Presley American Trilogy 

I Robot Alan Parsons which BTW mixed many Beatles Records which were Excellent !!